Do You Know Where Your Hair Extensions Come From?

Hair extensions come in different lengths, textures and colours making them an a great way for ladies to change their appearance overnight. Some come pre-packed with colourful labels while others are available as bundles. They are available in weft form to use as weaves and in bulk form for other attachment methods such as fusion bonding or Brazilian knots and braids. Hair and beauty stores have shelves piled high with different options the consumer can choose from.

Have you ever wondered where your extensions come from?

With the large amount of stock retailers hold one has to wonder where all this hair comes from? While synthetic hair is pretty easy to source since it is factory made hair, human hair extensions which are the better quality of the two aren’t as straight forward. Who are all these people supposedly cutting their hair for us to use as hair extensions?

Well human hair extensions used to mainly come from China and India. Nowadays there are other sources from South American countries like Peru and Brazil.

Indian hair extensions

Indian hair extensions used to be sourced from temples where people would cut off their long ponytail and remit it to the temple so that their prayers will be answered. In the Hindu culture the length of a woman’s hair is a sign of her beauty. By donating their hair, these women are giving a sacrifice to the temple.

Men, women and children have their heads shaved so that they might practice the ritual of “washing away” their past and Hindu-templebeginning brand new. The temples do hold private auctions to fund many things in India such as education and health care. The ladies in India do not cut their hair to make money. They only cut their hair as part of religious routine and it is sold for their community benefit.

This act of remitting their hair gave these types of extensions the Remy name now commonly used to describe good quality human hair extensions. The people who remitted their hair usually came from local villages and communities where colouring and perming was rarely done to their hair. The hair was Virgin hair and the best quality you could buy as the cuticles were intact and undamaged. Indian hair is similar in texture to Caucasian hair.

Chinese hair extensions

Hair sourced from China is of a completely different texture to Indian hair. The Chinese have thicker and coarser strands of hair than Indians and Caucasians. Chinese wholesalers tend to source their hair from locals who are willing to sell their hair. So although the hair is paid for, the person selling the hair wouldn’t get paid a great deal of money. The emphasis on virgin untreated hair isn’t as high and as a result Chinese manufacturers tend to coat the hair in silicone to coat the hair strands that may or may not be virgin in order to seal the cuticle and reduce tangling. The coarser texture of Chinese hair made it an ideal choice for hair extensions targeted at Black people due to its close resemblance to relaxed Black hair. Because there isn’t enough demand for coarse hair, believe it or not even with the amount of weave Black women run through, the Chinese also import hair from other countries.

Peruvian and Brazilian hair extensions

Peruvian hair and “Brazilian” hair is really hair that has been sourced from countries in South America. Brazilian women don’t cut their hair to sell to anybody. The love long hair and hair extensions so much that they even have their own attachment method called Brazilian knots. Brazil is a big hub for processing hair from other South American countries and that’s where the term “Brazilian hair” comes from. Peruvian hair is also sold in Brazil and around the world after it has been processed in Brazil as Peruvian hair. Peru is also a big processing hub. They get their hair from indigenous Indians – like most South Americans from villages and women willing to sell their hair. Like Indian Remy hair this is usually good quality Virgin hair.

Malaysian Hair Extensions

Malaysian hair extensions are often sold from Chinese vendors and they are not from Malaysia. The truth is that Malaysians do not even have a venue for selling hair and the hair is usually from Chinese vendors who mislabel the hair so that it is sold quickly. The hair industry is not regulated so this is what happens when people buy hair from unscrupulous vendors in China.

Cambodian Hair Extensions

Cambodia is a very poor country and many women sell their hair to feed their families. There are small villages where ladies will have their heads shaved and sell it for food for their families. This is a way to feed their families and the hair is Virgin hair. Hair extensions are a way that the Cambodian people can earn money at least every six to eight months. The collectors for the hair will travel through the villages during these time periods to collect freshly shaved hair from the residents of the villages.

Many of the people who sell their hair to these Hair Extension manufacturers come from poor areas and actually use the money they get paid for their hair to feed themselves and their families. Some factories will even go as far as to feed these women so that they have a healthy head of hair that grows long and thick. These women line up and get ready to give the only natural resource they have which is their hair. In many cases these ladies will have their heads shaved and not just have their ponytails cut.

Some East Indian ladies do not even consent to having their hair cut off and sold as hair extensions. These unsuspecting women are usually conned out of their gorgeous locks of hair not even getting a profit for losing their beautiful natural locks of hair.

It is worth noting that contrary to what the packaging might say, there is no such thing as Chinese or Brazilian or even Peruvian Remy hair. The hair they sell wasn’t remitted at temples. They might sell Virgin hair that is unprocessed with intact cuticles, but it wasn’t remitted at a temple. The term Remy symbolised excellent quality virgin hair and is now being misused on product labels!

Some unscrupulous factories collect dead hair from salons and hair brushes for hair extensions, sort it, brush it, add silicone and then sell it on as Remy hair. China also now imports hair from other regions such as India re-label the hair as Brazilian hair to unsuspecting clients. Chinese hair extensions can be labelled anything from Russian to Brazilian and even Indian. The truth is that this hair is collected from salons and is sold as virgin Remy hair extensions.

To tell the difference between Virgin hair and non virgin hair, put the hair in a ponytail and run your hands from the roots to the tip, then the other way. When running your hair from the roots to the tip, the hair should feel smooth, which means the cuticles are intact, and lying flat against the hair shaft. When you run your hand in the opposite direction you should feel some roughness as you are running your hand against the direction the cuticle lies in. If it feels smooth in both directions then the hair has most likely been coated in silicone to seal the cuticles and reduce tangling. The hair will have an acid like smell or a silicone type smell and will not last long. This is because frequent shampooing eventually washes the layer of silicone off. The hair will start to tangle making it unusable and the unsuspecting client then has to go out and buy some more hair.

Packaged hair is labelled and regularly sold here in the UK. Many hair extensions are labelled falsely so do be aware of the vendor you use and the hair quality that these extensions promise. Things are not as they seem in the hair extension business so make sure you get what you are paying for when you buy hair extensions. Shops who have a large stock of hair on display in packets definitely don’t sell the best quality hair. Most of this hair is derived from brushes and salons. It is definitely not Virgin hair. To buy Virgin hair look for a small retailer or hairdresser that sells hair in unpackaged bundles.

Top Five Shampoos for Women over 40 with thinning hair

When women reach their 40s the likelihood of them experiencing thinning hair increases greatly. This is because their bodies begin to produce less oestrogen as the body gradually prepares itself for the menopause. Oestrogen is responsible for extending the amount of time hair remains in its growth phase. As women enter their 40s the oestrogen produced by the body drops and this results in hair becoming finer.

You can certain shampoos to increase the thickness of your hair. These shampoos are great shampoos to boost scalp circulation and encourage hair growth, using them regularly will make a huge difference to your tresses. When selecting a shampoo for your thinning hair aim to look for ones with plant based active ingredients. Leverage the natural benefits of herbs and plants to achieve the results you want as plants and herbs are safer than medicated products, natural and have been used for centuries to heal our various ailments. Here’s our list of top 5 shampoos women in their 40s can incorporate into their hair care regimen to thicken up their hair.

1.     Top of the list is Crece Pelo Shampoo. Crece Pelo is a Dominican hair growth product and is a phytotherapeutic treatment. This means it uses the power of plants to nourish the hair follicles and scalp for thicker healthy hair. Crece Pelo contains the extracts of 15 different plants and actives and includes rosemary, nettle, arnica, burdock root extract and ginseng. Crece Pelo shampoo is our favourite because it includes a range of plant extracts and proteins to build up the hair strands making them stronger while healing scalp conditions and increasing scalp circulation.

2.     A close second is Plantur shampoo. Plantur is available in health stores like Boots and also available to buy via online retailers like Amazon. Plantur uses caffeine from plant sources to increase scalp circulation. An increase in scalp circulation means an increase in the amount of nutrients your hair follicles receive which in turn allows them to produce stronger and thicker hair.

3.     Bhringaraj shampoo. Bhringaraj is the Ayurvedic name for a plant called Eclipta Alba or False daisy. Like caffeine Eclipta alba aids scalp circulation. Eclipta alba is a very potent herb that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for hair growth. In fact Bhringaraj means “King of Hair” in Tamil. Bhringaraj can have a darkening effect on hair so if you have light coloured hair then an alternative shampoo would probably be best.

4.     Aveda Invanti Exfoliating shampoo – this exfoliating shampoo uses salicylic derived from wintergreen. Wintergreen is a shrub from the genus of plants called Gaultheria. This plant has been used for centuries too for it’s therapeutic effects. Salicylic acid is a great product for exfoliation and this shampoo is particularly great if you suffer from dandruff. Clearing the build up on your scalp will clear the way for your follicles to grow thicker hair.

5.     Termae Ginseng shampoo – ginseng is a great ingredient for increasing scalp circulation. If this is your main priority and you don’t suffer from any other scalp or hair issues then this Ginseng shampoo is exactly what you need to encourage your hair to grow faster.

It is always advisable to thoroughly check the list of ingredients before using a new shampoo to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients listed.

10 Celebrities Who Have Suffered Hair Loss from Wearing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have gained popularity around the world, especially amongst celebrities. They rock different hairdos with extensions, one after another. While they appear glamorous and beautiful, constantly wearing hair extensions comes at a cost. Hair extensions/ weaves has damaged the hair of several celebrities, which has led to hair loss. It gets worse when the persisting use of these extensions causes permanent bald spots due to traction alopecia. Just as you may have heard of celebrities trying to look better by losing some weight, or the extreme lengths they go to look good in public, others are fighting hair loss. The following celebrities have suffered from hair loss due to wearing hair extensions.


Fergie, in the music industry faced her own share of hair loss but managed to recover and save the situation. Due to tight hair extensions, her hair started thinning out. This did not exactly get to her and she would still get out and face the public. She is one of the few celebrities who did not try to cover up her situation. Luckily, for her, this appeared to be a short-lived situation. Over time, her hair was back to normal with a definite hairline.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell revolutionised the modelling industry, especially for women of colour. While wearing hair extensions made her look fierce (in the most complimentary way), and allowed her to model different looks and styles on the run, over use of the hair extensions came back to haunt her. Most of her adult life, Naomi has relied on extensions but she currently cannot rock them like she used to because it did not only lead to hair loss but she is also fighting baldness. These days her hairline is practically non-existent. She still looks fabulous in wigs but there is no telling if there is any hope for her natural hair.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes damaged her hair from constantly wearing extensions. Hair extensions caused Amanda’s hair to thin throughout her head, eventually making the extensions visible because her hair was so thin. She was photographed in New York out shopping for a hat after complaining on Twitter about the state extensions left her hair in. At some point she shaved her hair and starting wearing wigs. We hope her damaged isn’t permanent and that her hair can recover given a long break from extensions.

Kim Kardashian kim kardashian hair loss from hair extensions

Kim K is an international star with her beautiful looks, which is how she makes a living. While you may envy her lifestyle, you might have noticed a few balding spots and her thinning hair. The extreme pressure on hair and scalp has caused this from her constant use of weaves. I guess the pressure of constantly having to look beautiful in public is beginning to take it’s toll on her hair.

Katie-price-traction-alopecia Katie Price

Katie is known for not only enhancing her body, she’s also known to be a chronic user of hair extensions. She even goes as far as to fly to Los Angeles to have them specially fitted. While she is probably happy with the cosmetic changes she’s made to her body, her hair extensions have let her down. Not only is she fighting rapid hair loss but facing baldness as well. Her natural hair is in a bad state but she loves her extensions. She wore wigs for some time but eventually returned to her beloved hair extensions.

Brandy Norwood

Hair extension related hair loss is not something that happens overnight. Who can forget when Brandy released her first album in 1998 then went on to star in Moesha. Her signature look in those days were braids which made her look cute and like the girl next door we all loved. These braids with extensions eventually caused her hairline severe damage. This form of hair loss from Brandys hair loss from tight braidstight braids and extensions is called traction alopecia and can become permanent. Her hairline disappeared and Brandy took to wearing lace wigs even while she appeared as a judge on Britain’s got talent. We hope she is giving her hairline a break and trying to grow it back.

Amy Winehouse

Amy blew us away with her outstanding voice. It is impossible to think of Amy without thinking of her Bee Hive. To achieve this look Amy constantly wore hair extensions. The incessant use of extensions eventually caused thinning, a very common issue with women who don’t take breaks between extension applications.

Britney Spears

Britney is probably one of the celebrities who had it really bad with hair loss from wearing extensions for too long. Her hair became so thin that it wasn’t hard for photographers to get pictures of her with her extension attachments clearly visible. She eventually shaved her head and relied on wigs for a while after which she went back to wearing extensions. Let’s hope she doesn’t make the same hair mistakes again.

Rihanna Fenty

Ri Ri has been noted to wear wigs on several occasions as well as cut her hair. Rihanna shaved off one side of her head after rocking short hair for a while. While her hair grew back she wore wigs for a while, before going back to wearing hair extensions. As a result of wearing her hair extensions over long periods without a break in between applications, hair thinning and hair loss was inevitable. If you look closely at her hairline you will notice thinning. People like Rihanna can avoid hair loss if they give their hair a break and allow the scalp and hair follicles to recover.

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca left Geordie shore after season 3 but she has made this list because of the obvious damage wearing hair extensions did to her hair. They not only damaged her hair line, they caused overall thinning and her extension attachments were often visible on camera.

Like the other celebrities mentioned, people like Rebecca wear extensions to make their hair look thicker. The problem starts when they get used to having this thicker hair so continuously wear extensions. The extensions cause thinning and in turn they wear even more extensions to make up for it. This carries on until the thinning turns into hair loss, which left untreated becomes permanent.

Whilst hair extensions have transformed celebrities from drab to fab, the long term impact has not been anything any of us would envy. Extensions put strain on your scalp and hair follicles and should be only worn occasionally. The best sort of extensions to wear are non permanent ones like clip ins. And even then they should only be worn on nights out and special occasions. It is best to make sure they are not clipped in too tight and always take them out afterwards.

Things That Make You Love and Hate Coloured Hair

Getting your hair coloured can leave you feeling wonderful, especially if it’s done correctly. There is nothing like the beautiful feeling of fresh coloured hair, especially if you have some fun colours with highlights or lowlights. There are however, downsides of getting your hair coloured as well. The most frustrating thing is when your roots start growing out and are obviously either darker or lighter than your colour, or even grey. Below is a list of pros and cons when it comes to getting your hair coloured.


  • Makes you feel wonderful, prettier, refreshed
  • Looks great, makes you feel more professional at work, gives you more self confidence
  • The colour does so much for your skin tone as well- it livens up your whole face!
  • If you’re wearing your hair up in a pony tail all the time, you can start to wear it down again (big plus!)
  • The colour fills in your roots and covers up your grey
  • Coloured hair makes you look younger
  • Professionally done coloured hair from the salon makes hair look healthier, and in some cases very natural
  • You can get the colour you always wanted to have- a brunette can be blonde and vice versa
  • People who want alternate colours like pink or purple can get it done professionally to avoid damaging their hair- stylists can do a lot of very fun things
  • Highlights and lowlights are very cool looking and it’s always nice to get lots of complements from friends and co-workers!
  • Blonde highlights provide hair with a lift-meaning that if your hair was looking dull or greasy, it will be healthier looking and feeling (hair with a blonde lift looks thicker)
  • You can often go to a salon and get your hair coloured and your nails and toes done all at the same time to avoid separate appointments and more time away from work or other obligations

Cons of coloured hair

  • It’s expensive! Sometimes, it can be ridiculously expensive- and many times you have to wait to get your colour done until you can afford it- plus you have to tip 20% (or you should!)
  • Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your roots show after getting your hair coloured. This is true especially when the roots start growing out a week or two after you get them done, and especially for people who have dark brown or black hair and the grey starts to show, or people who have blonde hair and the dark starts to show
  • Getting your hair coloured takes a couple of hours, and some people don’t have a lot of time to fit an appointment in their schedule
  • Scheduling with your stylist is sometimes next to impossible if they are very busy
  • Colouring or highlights/lowlights can be damaging to the hair and how to soften coloured hair
  • Sometimes the colour doesn’t turn out to be what you want and it can be difficult to change or ‘get right’
  • Sometimes you can get bad highlights that are ‘zebra stripes’ or extremely obvious
  • It’s hard to tell your stylist if you don’t like the way your hair turned out- and even harder to call him or her after you’ve gone home and you’ve sat and stewed about it

5 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce is without a doubt one of the biggest and most successful superstars of our time. A singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and businesswoman, she has been called a modern-day feminist. Beyonce’s songs are often centered around love, relationships, as well as empowerment and female sexuality. A dynamic entertainer, her performances are high-energy with strong choreography. Over 18 years in the business, she has sold over 100 Million records worldwide, won 20 Grammy awards, and recognized as the most powerful female artist of 2015 by Forbes Magazine.

In addition, to her impressive professional career, she’s married to hip hop mogul Jay Z (Sean Carter) and mommy to four year old Blue Ivy. She’s smart, successful, and in charge of her life and career. Here are 5 awesome things that you can learn from the Queen Bey herself, Beyonce:

Love Your Body

Beyonce is known for her voluptuous curves and flaunts them like no one else can. She’s proud to show her body and Destiny’s Child made the term “bootylicious” a household phrase. It’s all about being confident about your body and loving yourself completely. The more you love your body, the happier you will become. Beyonce has shared her love for food and that she has to work out in order to look the way she does. That is really true for us all. Release negative thoughts about your body and nourish it from the inside out with love.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For What You Want

Beyonce is not afraid to ask for what she wants, as we see with her popular song, “Bills, Bills, Bills.” When the song was released in 1999, there was a lot of negative criticism surrounding the lyrics. However, Beyonce explained that there is nothing wrong with letting a man take care of you sometimes. You shouldn’t be the only one doing things in your relationship; it is a partnership.

It’s Good to Keep Your Private Life Private

One of the most things we love most about Beyonce is that she has chosen to protect her private life, particularly her marriage with Jay Z. Everyone should not know every detail of your relationship – where you go and what you do. Or do they need to see your life chronicled out on social media. Beyonce chooses to share her life through pictures on Instagram. Know your limits and decide what you’re willing to share and other things that may come back to bite you later.

Be Independent

Beyonce’s songs center around independent women and female empowerment. She believes those things should be celebrated. Feminism is not a bad word; you should expect equal rights and equal treatment. Look deep inside yourself and take control of your own life. Being independent shows that you are secure with who you are and your choices. We see this in Beyonce through her career choices.

Always Be Classy

One thing we can say about Beyonce is that she conducts herself appropriately in the public eye. We never read or hear about her getting drunk at parties, disrespecting fans, or being crude at her shows. We’ve all seen her wear revealing clothes but she still carries herself with class. It’s always good to be sweet, kind, and soft-spoken. If you really want to impress, then follow Beyonce’s lead of being classy at all times.

No matter what you’re doing, confidence will take you a very long way. Beyonce’s work ethic is unmatched and is a testament to her success. You can accomplish your dreams and live life to the fullest. Beyonce is someone that all women can take notes from. Let’s channel a little bit of “Sasha Fierce” every day.

My favourite Beyonce Quote

Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are. – Beyonce

Boost Your Lace Wig Knowledge, and Confidence

Lace wigs are an excellent solution for women who have experienced hair loss for one reason or another. Although, they are also worn by women who simply want a new look without making drastic changes to their own hair. Unlike other types of wigs, lace wigs are unique.

Hair loss in women occurs for various reasons. Degrees of hair loss vary depending on the cause. Each of the following most common reasons for female hair loss would benefit from lace wigs:

Iron Deficiency: If a woman does not have adequate levels of iron in her system, she could lose hair. This is usually treated with an iron supplement or iron injections.

Alopecia: With this condition, a woman typically loses all of her hair, often the result of chemotherapy, which would be another situation in which lace wigs could provide a remedy to hair loss.

Low Oestrogen Levels: Prior to menopause and thereafter, when levels of the hormone Oestrogen are low, hair loss occurs.

Thyroid Disorders: Hair loss is also associated with hypothyroidism (under active Thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (overactive Thyroid).

Hormonal Changes Post-Pregnancy: After delivering a baby, mothers experience a fluctuation in hormone levels, which can lead to between one and six months of hair loss.

Certain prescription medications can cause hair loss Prescription Medication: Certain types of medicine can cause hair loss, which should be discussed with a physician.

High Vitamin A Levels: Anytime Vitamin A levels are too high, slight hair loss can occur. This is typically corrected with proper diet and multivitamin intake.

Telogen Effluvium: The medical term is classified by a sudden onset of hair loss, which experts believe may pertain to stress or the effects after a surgical procedure.

Women that experience any degree of hair loss often feel frustrated and devastated, thereby turning to wig-wearing. Lace wigs provide a means of looking natural and have grown in popularity over the past several years. Women who have chosen to adorn themselves with lace wigs agree that their self-confidence levels have improved dramatically!

Unlike other types of wigs on the market, lace wigs are easy to apply, and they stay in place securely. Unfortunately, while this type of wig has become a popular choice, often worn by celebrities, many people have not been informed of the lace wig option.

While wearing a lace wig on a daily basis, the hair on the wig may start to get frizzy, matted, tangled, dulled or brittle. Care should be taken to store the wig properly between uses, and it should be washed on a regular basis using a mild shampoo. Using a deep conditioning treatment like Silicon Mix is also highly recommended. Hair products are formulated to keep the frizz at bay, smooth the hair, and add shine.

While other wig types are expensive, itchy, unnatural, and wig-like, lace wigs are stylishly different. These wigs appear 100% natural, can be cut or styled according to the woman’s personal preference, and feel comfortable. The majority of lace wigs fit within most budgets. No matter the reason for needing a wig, women should consider the multitude of options specific to lace wigs, which offer a matchless confidence boost and gorgeous look!

The Top Natural Hair Vloggers You Should Be Following

Many Black women in the UK and US proudly proclaim #TeamNatural these days and are loving their curls and coifs. It’s free-spirited and fun. The natural hair movement has made its way into the mainstream beauty industry but bloggers have been able to create a space for information, tips, reviews, and styling techniques. Whether you have just started your natural hair journey, or are already natural and want some inspiration, these are my four favourite natural hair vlogs and blogs I think you should be reading and watching:


By far my favourite UK natural hair Vlogger. She’s been posting videos on Youtube since 2011 and covers everything from hair regimens, DIY oil recipes to product reviews. I love her cause she keeps it “real” so to speak and isn’t afraid to say when she dislikes a product. It makes her all the more trustworthy when she makes a recommendation.


Known as the “Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging”, Patrice Grell Yursik is a writer from Trinidad that created Her award-winning blog celebrates natural hair and she has been featured in Ebony, Essence, and Glamour magazines. You definitely want to visit her blog for all things natural.

My Natural Sistas

in 2011, three sisters formed to celebrate women with natural hair and those thinking of going natural. Their popular blog is an amazing platform for discussions, as well as advice and support. Carmen, India, and Toni are the Sistahood for real.

Beautiful Brwn Baby Dol

Dr. Nina, a.k.a. BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, is a professor, speaker, and naturalista. Nina’s popular blog takes a look at the psychological issues of being natural. With over 250,000 subscribers, she’s been named as a Top 10 Natural Hair Blogger. With plenty of tips and tutorials, this doctor is one to take of at

While there will always be new natural hair mavens to grace the blogs, these are three worth giving a read.

Best 5 Beauty Photography Tips to Make You Look Like A Model

Beauty photography is a completely different kettle of fish to fashion photography. Beauty photography focuses on making the subject being photographed look the very best they can. Although the most popular form of beauty photography is headshots, it doesn’t have to only be headshots.

Headshot If you’ve booked a photographer to do a beauty photo shoot, be prepared to take your time and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need to make you look your best. You want the photographer to capture every look you need. Here are some tips to get you ready.

  • Know what style or theme you want for the shoot. It is vital to communicate what the desired outcome of the shoot is to the photographer so that you are on the same page.


  • Beauty photography can be done in different kinds of ways. The three main types are traditional beauty, boudoir and Beauty photographyconceptual beauty. Traditional beauty is usually taken from the collarbone or the shoulders and focuses on the face. The aim is to capture the personality of the subject. The aim of boudoir shots is to capture a sexy shot and these are normally done for a husband or partner and nudity is implied. It doesn’t have to be a nude shoot and lingerie of your choice can be selected. Boudoir shots are intimate and should be treated with class. Finally conceptual beauty shots are taken with a specific intent behind them. It could be political, personal or religious in nature.


  • Remember we said beauty shots don’t have to be restricted to your head only? So even if you get a traditional beauty headshot, you can still get shots of the rest of your body. Just make sure you are dressed appropriately to maintain the style or theme of your shoot. Try and relax so you don’t appear stiff. Another thing to focus on is not facing the camera directly as this can give the shoulders a bulky appearance.


  • Beauty shots are normally done in studios with appropriate lighting. This is another reason why communicating the desired outcome to the photographer is important. They will be able to select and set up their lighting accordingly. Lighting will affect how harsh or soft the lighting needs to be for your shoot.


  • Always ensure you meet up with the photographer to discuss the concept of your shoot in advance. This will allow you to build a rapport with them, which will pay dividends on the day of your shoot. To get the best results you must feel comfortable. Ask if you can have music on during the shoot and if it isn’t a problem then bring your own music in a format they can use to get you in the right mood, this should make the experience more fun for you. At the end of the shoot discuss any post-production editing the photographer will do on your pictures. By all means ask if you can view the pictures on a full screen but NEVER ask for any of the pictures you don’t like to be deleted, it might be a decision you regret later.

The Worse Advice We’ve Ever Been Given By Female Celebrities

Celebrities are looked up to as role models, whether they want to be role models or not. It is taken for granted that because a lady is in the famous that she will always met out sensible advice. In some cases, advice may not be that good or can be weird, depending on the source of the advice. The source can be any famous or renowned female out there in the entertainment or media world.

Just because some female celebs are beautiful in every way doesn’t mean that we have to heed their beauty advice. If there is one subject, which every woman claims to be knowledgeable on, is none other than the subject of hair care, skin care, makeup, and the like. However, just because they think they may know all there is to know, doesn’t mean it is true. With all of this said, what is the worst advice we’ve ever heard from female celebrities, or certain female stars who really shouldn’t be giving out advice.

There are some female celebrities who have come out with some truly absurd tips on how they take care of their hair, skin or other beauty related matters. Though a lot of us would like to believe this advice that is meant to be helpful, one cannot help but doubt, how much of it is fact and how much of it is fiction?

Demi Moore –

She claims to use leeches to purify her blood and help her stay younger. While it is hard to argue that Demi looks fantastic for her age, can her youthful appearance be 100% attributed to only leeches? How much of it is due to leeches and how much of it is due to the skilful work of a world class cosmetic surgeon.

Gwyneth Paltrow –

Gwyneth has probably earned her reputation as the Queen for giving out terrible beauty advice. What is this not so great advice? One of her most recent beauty recommendations was for a new form of anti-aging treatment that involves the practice of placing a little barbed thread under the skin. This little barbed thread is supposed to be pulled upwards to create lift. This is likely a not so good practice to even try. It’s called a threading facelift. Paltrow’s vaginal steaming advice seems tame in comparison to this threading facelift routine.

Sandra Bullock –

Sandra claims to have learned how to shrink unsightly bags under her eyes while she was filming Miss Congeniality. She says that she learned about applying Preparation H cream under her eyes and this haemorrhoid cream works wonders on her eyes. Why would anyone want to put a cream designed for their anus under their eyes? Whatever happened to caffeine creams and roll ons? It is not only oil-based, it can really irritate sensitive skin. This isn’t something any woman should try to get more attractive eyes!

Alessandra Ambrosio –

According to Alessandra, you can rid yourself of split ends by burning them off using the flame of a candle. You’ll be surprised to hear that in Brazil, it is a popular way to get rid of split ends and has been since the 1960s. But what woman in her right mind would try this? The answer is no one, hopefully, and this is because it would be the worst idea ever. Just ask any highly professional hair stylist and they will tell you the same. If you are curious about how it is done, here is a video demonstration.

Some beauty care advice that female celebs do give can be useful and nice. However, on the flipside, some of it is downright weird, insane, and not anything you should try at home!

Pre shampoo conditioner recipe for Black hair

Black hair tends to be dryer than Caucasian or Asian hair and therefore will benefit from a pre and post shampoo conditioner. Pre shampoo conditioners are also called pre poos. Read any natural or curly hair blog (both hair types are usually dry) and you will find posts about elaborate pre poo routines. You will also have noticed a significant improvement to the condition of their hair after they started incorporating pre poo conditioners to their washday routines. So if you have dry hair then it is definitely worth paying close attention.

You can use oils such as coconut, olive oil or palm oil as pre poo conditioners. You can add these to a hair conditioner or use them on their own. There are also a variety of pre shampoo treatments available to buy in hair shops and on the internet, however they can be quite expensive. The most popular ready made pre shampoo conditioners available to purchase include Ojon Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment (and) (£35.99 for 250ml) and Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (£11.50 for 40ml).

However at £11.50 and £35.99 for 40ml and 250ml respectively they don’t come cheap. If you have lots of hair then a 40ml jar of product will only be enough for three applications at best. If you do not want to splash out on a pre shampoo conditioner, you can make your own at home using easy to source ingredients from your kitchen.

It is easy to make your own pre poo conditioner Items required:

A whisk or blender

Ingredients list:

2 eggs

2oz od double cream (fresh cream is preferred over long life cream)

1 oz of castor oil (or Jamaican Black Castor oil if you prefer)

1 oz melted unsalted butter

1 oz purified water

Juice from half a grapefruit

Whisk or mix all the ingredients in a blender and refrigerate overnight, using as required. Your pre poo conditioner should be applied to your hair in sections, ensuring it is applied to the whole length of the hair. Work it into your hair with your fingers or co-washing hairmassage your scalp gently with a kneading motion for five to ten minutes to ensure the product is evenly distributed and penetrates. Leave the pre poo treatment on for a further half hour, or overnight if you wish.

Shampoo your hair as usual with a moisturizing shampoo and follow the shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner or deep conditioner. Pre pooing should be done as often as possible until the condition of your hair is sufficiently improved.

3 Proven Strategies to grow your hair longer

For those who like having long hair or would like to grow long hair, it is essential that you provide your hair with optimal conditions for healthy growth. It is important to avoid making common mistakes that may delay growth or damage the hair you’ve already grown. Here are three tips that could speed up your hair growth and increase your length retention.

Stay away from heat Direct heat application is very bad for your hair

Let us face it, the high temperatures from curling irons, blow dryers or even flat irons may work wonders for taming your hair structure- but on the downside they only contribute to damaging your hair and causing a lot of breakages. Simply put, avoid using heat situations especially UV rays from the sun and heat powered devices whenever you can, and if you must use them, calibrate the heat level to the lowest possible.

Eating healthy foods will aid hair growth Eat Nutrient Rich Foods

The advantages of healthy eating are seemingly countless, with one of the most notable ones being improved hair growth. Minimizing the levels of sugar, processed fats and processed foods that you consume, while increasing the amounts of leafy greens and fresh fruit that you consume might be a brilliant suggestion. In fact, doing this will encourage optimal hair growth from the inside out while also strengthening each strand of hair over time. Making sure you eat healthy proteins will also ensure your hair has the supply of amino acids it needs to make keratin, the protein your hair is made from.

Use natural and organic hair conditioners

Make your own hair conditioners using natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen. You should opt for simple recipes that address your hair’s particular needs. Fruits like avocado are packed with natural fats that act as good moisturizers and conditioners. Eggs are packed full of essential proteins and nutrients that strengthen the hair scalp and promote the strength of each hair strand. So there really is no need to spend money on expensive hair products when the basic you ingredients required are cheap and readily available.

Length retention tips

9 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets That Will Change Your Life and Save You Money

In this day and age it is pretty common to see people on the streets and on the internet who’ve had cosmetic procedures done to stave off the signs of aging. Hollywood actors and actresses alike have dabbled in cosmetic procedures for decades to make themselves look younger and perhaps extend the length of their careers. Celebrities whether known for a particular talent or not have also followed in their footsteps. People like Chris Jenner, Meg Ryan, and Dolly Parton are just a few of the ladies who’ve undergone cosmetic procedures to make themselves look younger. Now the masses are happily following their icons and idols.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. First of all the masses probably can’t afford the cosmetics or the doctors these ladies have hired. But what if anti-aging does not have to be an expensive high risk adventure? What if you could delay the onset of your signs of aging using natural products? The best anti-aging products are easily accessible and affordable. Let us take a closer look at them.

Fish oil capsules help fight the signs of ageing Fish oil

If you aren’t a great fan of eating fish don’t let this affect your anti-aging efforts. Fish oil is an excellent anti inflammatory agent. A regular intake of fish oil will transform the health and appearance of your skin. Adding it to your diet is very easy as good quality fish oil can be obtained from health food stores. A word of caution here, some of the fish used to produce fish oil can have high mercury levels. The larger the fish used, the higher the chance it contains mercury. That is because larger fish live longer and therefore are exposed to mercury for longer periods of time. So large fish like Tuna and Shark will have mercury levels while smaller fish like anchovy and sardines won’t. A good way round this issue is to buy highly refined fish oil. Do not buy Omega 3 and Omega 6 fish oil combinations. You already get more than enough Omega 6 in your diet! Concentrate only on Omega 3.

Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil to your skin daily will moisturise your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It both moisturises and softens the skin making it more elastic, which in itself will reduce the formation of wrinkles.

Quit Smoking

Smoking speeds up the rate at which you age and is also a big fat magnet for wrinkles. Smoking affects the body’s ability to rid itself of dead cells and replace them with new cells. When the body is not able to carry out this function properly it leads to premature ageing and wrinkles.

Stay away from the sun

Over exposure to the sun plays a massive part in the onset of wrinkles and premature ageing. Always keep your skin protected by wearing a high SPF sunscreen. An SPF of 30 should be the lowest sunscreen you wear. Definitely stay away from tanning beds. If you must get a tan then opt for fake tan that you can either apply at home yourself or have sprayed on at a salon.

Eggs Eggs are great for fighting signs of age

Eggs are a great source of Biotin, also known as Vitamin H. Biotin is a natural anti aging compound because it is capable of repairing damaged skin. Apart from these benefits, it is also a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and zinc

Regular exercise

Exercise helps to reduce your stress levels.  Apart from making you feel good, exercising regularly helps improve your blood circulation which allows important nutrients to reach your skin and enhance it’s appearance. It is also a great way of working up a sweat to help you rid your body of toxins


Getting enough sleep is especially important for your metabolism to function properly. Inadequate amounts of sleep will lead to unsightly dark circles under your eyes.

Eat your Greens  Green vegetables are an excellent source of anti oxydants

Skin damage is caused when free radicals combine with oxygen in the body, – this process is called oxidation. In order to stop the oxidation process, we have to consume foods that are high in anti-oxidants. Foods rich in anti-oxidants include green leafy vegetables like curly kale, salads and broccoli.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar has oxidant properties that speed up the aging process of your body. Reducing your sugar intake will not only slow down the rate at which your body ages, it also has other numerous highly publicized benefits like helping with weight loss.